What Eta Sigma Phi Does

At the National Level
  • The Scholarships: Each year the society awards three scholarships for study abroad during the summer: one to the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, one to the American Academy in Rome, and a third to a session of the Virgilian Society. 
  • The Contests: Each year the society sponsors contests among college and university students to encourage the study of Latin and Greek on the college level. Participation in the contests is limited to colleges and universities in which there are Eta Sigma Phi chapters. The contests are in Greek translation, Latin translation, and Latin prose composition. 
  • The Medals: The society makes available to high school teachers inexpensive medals to award to outstanding students. Many Eta Sigma Phi chapters also award medals in local high schools. These medals are intended to encourage the study of Latin in high school. 
  • The Newsletter: NUNTIUS is the official publication of Eta Sigma Phi, published two times each year. It contains information concerning the society, original articles by members, announcements, and accounts of the activities of the chapters. 
  • The National Convention: The Constitution provides for a national convention each year, late in March or in April. At this time, delegates conduct the business of the society, including the election of national officers, and workshops are held. Local chapters bid to host the convention, and an effort is made to move the site from region to region to accommodate chapters in different parts of the country. 
On a Local Level
  • Regular Meetings: The local chapter meets once monthly to discuss group activities and plans for the future. 
  • Movies: The society sponsors the screening of film representations of classical themes which are open to all students. 
  • Brown Bag Lunches: The society regularly invites members of the faculty of the Department of Classics as well as adjunct faculty members to enjoy lunch and an informal discussion with students regarding the Classics, and whatever else might come up. 
  • Fundraising for Support of Classics: The society has frequent bake sales to raise money for their activities, which include providing the Classics library with important books and current scholarship in Classics. 
  • Local Field Trips: The society invites university students to go on trips to local sites of classical interest, such as the exhibit "The Splendors of Ancient Egypt" at the Phoenix Art Museum. Future plans include a trip to view the classical art collection at the renowned Getty Museum in Los Angeles. 
  • Outreach: Members of the society visit local schools and give lessons designed to stimulate interest in Greek and Latin language, history, literature, and culture. 
  • Medals: The chapter awards medals in support of the study of Greek and Latin to local students at all levels of education.