Graduate Student Colloquium

The Department of Classics Graduate Student Colloquium was inaugurated in the spring of 2000 when Christopher Trinacty presented a chapter of his M.A. thesis ("A Poetics of Desire: a Comparative Literary Study of the Hylas Myth"). All departmental graduate students are invited to make a presentation (15-20 mins.) on some aspect of their M.A. research, such as for the thesis or presentation at a scholarly conference. The atmosphere of the Colloquium is informal, congenial, and collegial, and those attending may bring their lunch.

All Spring 2022 colloquia will take place on Fridays from 11:00-12:30pm in Chavez 109.


  • February 10th:
    • Alex Kiprof - "To the Superlative": Intertextual Parallels between the Last Words of Alexander and the Golden Apple of Eris
    • Rebecca Sanders - Accouterments of Wealth: Mycenaean Palatial Structures and Homeric Palaces in the Odyssey
  •  February 24th:
    • Katrina Kuxhausen-DeRose - The Legend of Zenobia: Memorializing a Warrior Queen
    • Luke Giuntoli - Dionysus: A Successor to Zeus?
    • Delaney Fisher - The Shelby Collection: Provenance and Stylistic Analysis of Limestone Cypriote Heads
  • March 17th:
    • Isabel Matias - Masks and Magic: The Frontal Face on Greek Vases as a Representation of Magic Power
    • Noah Simmons - Sail Change on the Ancient Mediterranean: Economic Drivers
    • Caleb Hammond - The Absence of Black Africans in Mosaic Scenes of the Capture of African Animals for the Amphitheater Game
  • April 7th:
    • Thomas McMath - Apuleius Parrots the Poets
    • Austin Richards - Gregory of Nyssa on Philo of Alexandria: Theological Epistemology and Anti-Jewish Rhetoric
    • Colin Omilanowski - The Monument of Agrippa: Social Memory and Victory in Augustan Athens