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One of the most prestigious degrees at the University of Arizona, Classics boasts a high number of top-performing graduates. The field of Classics examines the languages, literatures, cultures, art, history, religion, and material remains of the ancient Mediterranean world and their ongoing global impact.

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The University of Arizona offers the B.A. in Classics with options in Classical Civilization, Greek, or Latin. Its premier M.A. in Classics offers emphases in Ancient History, Classical Archaeology, Classical Philology, Latin Pedagogy, or Latin Philology. Students may also earn Secondary School Latin Teaching Certification through the College of Education.

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Courses:CLAS 220: Classics through the Ages - Instructor: Robert Stephan ( This course explores the lasting legacy of Classical culture. From the shining marble Acropolis to the mysterious ruins of Delphi, we'll highlight...
Generous funding available, ranging from $500-$5,000. For more information, see Arizona in Italy Courses offered by UA Classics Professor Sarah McCallum: CLAS 353 - Roman Epic in...
In summer 2018, Classics faculty will be leading study abroad programs in the Mediterranean, through program such as Arizona in the Aegean (Greece) and Arizona in Orvieto (Italy...