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Why I Chose Classics

The understanding of cultures and society that I learned in Classics gave me a malleable set of skills to apply to my career.

M. André Goodfriend
B.A. Greek, French, Philosophy, Radio-TV 1979
Director, U.S. Dept. of State, Office of eDiplomacy

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The field of Classics examines the languages, literatures, cultures, art, history, religion, and material remains of the ancient Mediterranean world and their ongoing global impact.

One of the most prestigious degrees at the University of Arizona, Classics boasts a high number of top-performing graduates. Classics studies the ancient Mediterranean world from approximately 3000 B.C.E. to approximately 500 C.E., with particular emphasis on the civilizations of Greece and Rome and their reciprocal relations with the surrounding societies of the Near East, Egypt, North Africa, and Western Europe. This field of study incorporates, and is based upon, the scientific principles of philological and archaeological methodology. Within this context, Classics at the University of Arizona has a fourfold mission: 

  • To elucidate the languages and literatures, archaeology, history, and cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world through original research and new interpretation.
  • To integrate the results of these investigations into a comprehensive picture of the classical world through the publication and presentation of scholarly books, articles, papers, and reports.
  • To provide various services to colleagues and academic institutions in endeavors that require training and expertise intrinsic to Classics.
  • To disseminate its discoveries in interesting and accessible ways to students, colleagues, and members of the local community through departmental programs in Ancient and Modern Greek, Latin, Classical Archaeology, and Egyptology.

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News & Events

Apr 7
This fourth and final installment of our 2023 Graduate Colloqium series, will feature Classics M.A. students Thomas McMath and Austin Richards, as well as Anthropology Ph.D. student and Classics MA Alumnus, Colin Omilanowski, and will be held in...
Mar 17
This third installment of our 2023 Graduate Colloqium series, will feature Classics M.A. students Isabel Matias, Noah Simmons, and Caleb Hammond, and will be held in Chavez 109. Isabel will be presenting her CAMWS paper entitled Masks and Magic: The...
Feb 24
This second installment of our 2023 Graduate Colloqium series, will feature Classics M.A. students Katrina Kuxhausen-Derose, Luke Giuntoli, and Delaney Fisher, and will be held in Chavez 109. Katrina will be presenting her CAMWS paper entitled The...
Feb 10
This first installment of our 2023 Graduate Colloqium series, will feature second-year Classsics M.A. students Alex Kiprof and Rebecca Sanders, and will be held in Chavez 109. Alex will be presenting his CAMWS paper entitled "To the Superlative":...

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