Sandra Rhead Jones

Sandra helped her husband start three successful businesses, raised a family, and passionately pursued her studies of the Classics, Art History, and her favorite American sculptor and illustrator, Rose O'Neil.

Before passing away in 2007, Sandra split her time between Tucson, AZ, and Indian River, MI, where she and her parents maintained a Victorian Summer Home on the southern shore of Burt Lake since 1953. We thank her husband Douglas, and her daughters, Louise and Cynthia. 

Award Winners

  • 2020: Julia Pare
  • 2019: Daniel Ruprecht
  • 2018: Catherine Cnrkovich
  • 2017: Meaghan Nielsen
  • 2016: Daylin Oakes
  • 2015: Ian Merrill
  • 2014: Stephanie Hutchings
  • 2013: Edward Heffernan
  • 2012: Kolb Ettenger
  • 2011: Jared Copeland