Graduate Student Colloquium

The Department of Classics Graduate Student Colloquium was inaugurated in the spring of 2000 when Christopher Trinacty presented a chapter of his M.A. thesis ("A Poetics of Desire: a Comparative Literary Study of the Hylas Myth"). All departmental graduate students are invited to make a presentation (15-20 mins.) on some aspect of their M.A. theses, or if they are delivering a paper at a scholarly conference. The atmosphere of the Colloquium is informal, congenial, and collegial, and those attending may bring their lunch. All Spring 2019 colloquia will take place in LSB 246, unless otherwise indicated below.


Friday, January 25
10:30: Yo, Ho, Yo, Ho, A Lover's Life for Me: Pirates as Lovers in Xenophon of Ephesus' EphesiacaNicholas Nelson

Friday, February 1
10:30: Κουροτρόφος καì Καρδιοδαῖτα: Economics and the Political in Representations of HecateMichael Main

Friday, February 8
10:30: "Reconstructing Lykosoura: An Analysis of the Historical, Archaeological, and Architectural Relationship between the Sanctuary of Despoina at Lykosoura and Megalopolis", Caroline Carter

Friday, February 15
10:30: Shames on Stage: Αἰσχύνη in Menander’s Comedy, Daniel Ruprecht
11:15: TBD, Michael Swantek

Friday, March 1
10:30: "Sympotic Love?: Love and Classics in Call Me By Your Name", Zach Gianelle
11:15: "Apollo/Athena: Characterization of Divine Figures in Formulaic Scenes of the Iliad", Jonathan Burks

Friday, March 15
10:30: An Island unto Themselves: Personal and Cultural Trauma in Sophocles' Philoctetes, Julia Paré
11:00: The Power of a Hero: Placement of Erotic Curse Tablets in Nemea, GreeceSammi Richter

Friday, March 22
10:30: “Caestus is the Bestus: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Roman Boxing” , Kayt Roberto
11:00: Repairing Broken Conduits: Cyprian of Carthage's Views on Unity and Disagreement Between Bishops During the Rebaptism Controversy, Jordan Swanson

Friday, March 29
10:30:""Fake It to Make It: Skeuomorphs in Early Helladic III Lerna", Buck Roberson 

Friday, April 12
10:30: "Depictions of Fishing in North African Mosaics", Gabriel Martinez
11:00:  "Monuments at War: An Analysis of Architecture Used as Offensive and Defensive Measures Against the Aggression of Sparta", Stephanie Savage