Graduate Student Colloquium

The Department of Classics Graduate Student Colloquium was inaugurated in the spring of 2000 when Christopher Trinacty presented a chapter of his M.A. thesis ("A Poetics of Desire: a Comparative Literary Study of the Hylas Myth"). All departmental graduate students are invited to make a presentation (15-20 mins.) on some aspect of their M.A. theses, or if they are delivering a paper at a scholarly conference. The atmosphere of the Colloquium is informal, congenial, and collegial, and those attending may bring their lunch. All Spring 2018 colloquia will take place in LSB 246, unless otherwise indicated below.


Friday, February 23
12:00: All Dogs Go to Hades: Analyzing Dog Iconography on Funerary Monuments of Roman YouthsCaroline Carter
12:30: Ad Cor et Mentem per Aures: Benefits of Aural Learning of Classical LanguagesCatie Crnkovich

Friday, March 16
12:00: Echoes from Cumae: Intertexts between Juvenal Satire 3 and Aeneid 6.  Collin Moat
12:30: A Spectacle to Behold: Sensory and Visual Elements in Roman Religious ProcessionsDesiree D. Coleman

Friday, March 23
12:00: Mothers and Men: A Reexamination of Mother Similes in the Iliad.  Zachary Gianelle
12:30: The Return of the OlympiansJonathan Burks

Friday March 30
12:00: Identity, Exchange, and Wine Production: Investigating the Presence of the Trickle Pattern MotifLauren Oberlin 
12:30: Hips Don’t Lie: Hazards in Ancient Craft WorkshopsAmber Kearns