Generous Funding Available: Arizona in Orvieto, Italy Summer 2023

September 21st, 2022


In Summer 2023,  Dr. Courtney Friesen will be offering Classics and Religious Studies courses through the Arizona in Orvieto (Italy) study abroad program.


The tentative program dates in Italy are May 19 - June 25, 2023, and the Study Abroad application deadline is February 25, 2023. The beautiful, historic town of Orvieto is only one hour from Rome. The program will include field trips to Rome and other locations in Italy. 



Dr. Friesen will be offering the following courses for the summer 2023 Arizona in Orvieto (Italy) study abroad program:

CLAS/RELI 305 - Greek and Roman Religion (Gen Ed Tier 2 Individuals and Societies / Building Connections)
Description: This course explores religious beliefs and cult practices in ancient Greece and Rome. 

RELI 280 - Introduction to the Bible- New Testament (Gen Ed Tier 2 Humanities / Exploring Perspectives, Humanist)
Description: This course introduces students to the New Testament in light of the contexts in which it was written and compiled, and as a window into reconstructing the world of early Christianity. The course will also examine how various Christian communities have understood the meaning and authority of the New Testament. 

CLAS/RELI 399 - Independent Study. Please contact Dr. Friesen directly to discuss independent study options.

Note: All the above courses can count toward the Classics major and minor, the Religious Studies major and minor, and the New Testament Language and Literature minor.

Generous Funding Available

Students are welcome to apply for any and all of the funding awards listed below for which they are eligible. Any questions can be directed to Dr. Karen Seat at

2023 Arizona in Orvieto Awards offered by the Department of Religious Studies & Classics 

General Arizona in Orvieto Award:

Awards of up to $1,500 are available for any UArizona student enrolled in CLAS/RELI 305 and/or RELI 280 through the Arizona in Orvieto (Italy) Study Abroad Program. Priority will be given to majors or minors in the Department of Religious Studies & Classics, but all UArizona students (with any major/minor) can apply. The number and amount of awards will be determined by the number and quality of applications received.

Arizona in Orvieto Award for Majors in Classics and/or Religious Studies:

Additional awards of $1,000-$5,000 are available for majors in Classics and/or Religious Studies enrolled in CLAS/RELI 305 and/or RELI 280 through the Arizona in Orvieto (Italy) Study Abroad Program. The number and amount of awards will be determined by the number and quality of applications received. Majors in the department will be considered for both the General Award and the Majors Award.

Arizona in Orvieto Award Applications Due MARCH 1, 2023; the Study Abroad Application Deadline Is February 25, 2023

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SILLC Global Award for SILLC Majors (Applications Due February 7, 2023):

Awards of up to $2,000 are available to SILLC majors to support participation in Study Abroad in summer 2023 and awards of up to $5,000 are available to help fund one semester or more abroad in 2023-2024. SILLC majors include Classics, Religious Studies, Italian Studies and more. More information and application instructions can be found on the SILLC Global Award Fund webpage. Applications are due February 7, 2023.

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Donna Swaim International Award for Religious Studies Majors:

Religious Studies majors who apply for the SILLC Global Award are automatically considered for the Donna Swaim International Award for Religious Studies. Award amounts are typically $600.

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Cynthia White Travel and Study in Italy Award (Applications Due January 16, 2023):

Several awards of up to $1,500 are available for University of Arizona students enrolled in a UArizona Classics course while participating in Study Abroad programs in Italy. 

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College of Humanities Scholarships (Applications Due In February Each Year):

Numerous scholarships are available for College of Humanities majors (Classics, Religious Studies, etc.), including study abroad scholarships.

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UA Study Abroad Office - Scholarships and Financial Aid:

Please contact the Study Abroad office to discuss additional funding opportunities to make your study abroad dreams a reality!

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Questions? Contact Dr. Karen Seat at