FAQs: Undergraduate Advising

Where can I find a list of the requirements for the Classics major and minor?

The requirements can be found at https://classics.arizona.edu/majors-and-minors-classics.

How do I change my major or minor to Classics?

Meet with a Classics advisor or declare your major or minor online at https://classics.arizona.edu/declare.

Can I take a Latin Placement Exam? If so, where do I take it?

The College of Humanities Academic Advising Center offers a Latin Placement Exam. More information can be found here.

How do I apply for degree candidacy?

Information can be found at the UA Office of the Registrar here

How do I begin my Senior Degree Check?

Please meet with an advisor at the College of Humanities Academic Advising Center.                        

Can I receive Honors credits for any courses taught by the Classics faculty?

Honors students may arrange to earn Honors credits in departmental course offerings by signing an Honors Contract.

Do I need to take a Senior Capstone course for my Classics Major?

No, the Senior Capstone courses (CLAS 498, GRK 498, LAT 498) are not required.

Where can I get information about earning teaching certification in Latin?

For information, click here or contact the Director of the Basic Latin Program.

How do I check to see if I've completed my General Education requirements?

How do I drop or add a course?

For university drop-add procedures, click here.

What scholarships and prizes are sponsored by the Department and the College of Humanities?

For departmental awards, click here; for COH scholarships, click here.

I'm interested in graduate school in Classics. How can I get more information about this?

Speak with a Classics advisor or another Classics faculty member about your plans.