Deborah Dols

Senior Search Consultant, Partner

I have a BA Major in Classics, Minor in Anthropology and History, which even before graduation opened doors for me in business. There was the consistent rhetorical interview question, "So you must be smart, I guess you can manage a business." I studied Classics because I found it interesting and challenging. I was passionate about it. I had no idea at the time of the soft skills I was learning. Critical thinking, big picture, understanding of strategy, culture, diversity, history, methodology, mental flexibility, empathy, strong communication, writing excellence, development of ideas, presentations, expressing myself in different languages - these are all skills for living and business that I developed in my education. For 20 years I worked as an executive in real estate investment and operations management for national companies. The past 5 years I've been an executive headhunter in sustainability. I consult climate change solutions for global Fortune 100 companies and leading nonprofits.