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October 6th, 2020
Sele metope, two women running, c. 510 BC

Fulfill some of your General Education with Classics.

Tier I Individuals & Societies, Diversity Emphasis

CLAS 150C1 Pyramids & Mummies: Ancient Egyptian Society

HUMS 150B1 Mind-Altering Substances in the Ancient World


Tier I Traditions & Cultures

CLAS 160D2 Classical Mythology

CLAS 160D3 Critical Concepts in Culture


Tier II Individuals & Societies

CLAS/TLS 240 Ancient Athletics


Upper-Level Course

CLAS 338  Intro to Roman Art and Archaeology


Language Course

GRK 101 Elementary Classical Greek I

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All classes are online and Gen Ed, unless otherwise indicated.  In-state tuition for ALL Summer/Winter session!

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