Congratulations! 2023 General Arizona in Orvieto Classics Award Winners

April 17, 2023

Congratulations to the 2023 General Arizona in Orvieto Classics Award Winners:  Jason Carrick, Michaela Gonzales, Madison Hernandez, Charlie Shadid, and Emily Wright.

The award winners are featured below with excerpts of why they personally want to study abroad:

Jason Carrick:  “With the goal to major in Anthropology and minor in Classics studies, studying abroad in Orvieto would be able to help me fulfill both of those academic goals simultaneously. As a sophomore I’m working towards pursuing a career in archaeology, and after taking classes taught by Classics faculty members, I’ve found myself with a strong desire to further my education in Classical civilizations, specifically the archaeology and history of Ancient Rome. Studying abroad in Italy will allow me to meet and learn from archaeologists and curators in the field of Ancient Rome. By taking ‘Greek and Roman Religion’ and ‘Introduction to the Bible: New Testament’ I can work towards my specific interests in the theology and religious art and architecture of the classical world. I chose to minor in Classics Studies to complement my major in Anthropology/Archaeology, so that I can combine the two to become a Classical Archaeologist. Thank you to everyone involved with these programs for allowing me to take advantage of this amazing opportunity!”

Michaela Gonzales: “My major is public health with a double minor in classics and sports nutrition. I want to study abroad to genuinely experience the joy of learning. I want to see, hear, smell, and taste ancient history coming alive in Italy! Sometimes during my academic career it was easy for me to become detached to what I was learning. While I study abroad I hope to break out of this cycle and truly be connected to the knowledge and culture of Orvieto, Italy. I also think there is something special about doing school in a place so far removed from where you normally do school that stretches you as a student and as a person.  While I’m in Italy, I am excited to dive deeper into ancient civilizations by taking CLAS 305: Greek and Roman Religion as well as RELI 280: Intro to the Bible-New Testament over the program. These classes will count towards my minor in classics.  I chose this minor to provide a new lens of studying humanity that is different from my major of public health which deals with science, numbers, biology, data, and medicine. The exciting action, cutting-edge innovation, and elegant artistic themes involved in studying classics was also a change of pace from my other STEM classes. And while I initially thought that classics and health science had nothing in common, I soon realized that learning about ancient civilizations doesn’t just describe who we used to be, but it sheds light on who we are now.”

Madison Hernandez:  “As a Film and Television major, I value storytelling as an effective way of visually communicating different ideas and perspectives. After having the desire to travel abroad and look for a new perspective, I began to look for programs that would combine my academic interests in journalism and culture to be exposed to new experiences that would enhance my cultural understanding and worldview. I was delighted to discover that the Arizona in Orvieto program offered just what I was looking for. This program offers a variety of different courses in various academic fields that would allow me to explore my interest in ancient Greek and Roman religion, in CLAS/RELI 305, while also expanding upon my photography skills in advanced photojournalism, JOUR 497B. I’m excited about taking CLAS/RELI 305 because I believe religious studies and understanding is an important subject to learn about when striving to become a well-rounded and open-minded individual. By studying abroad this summer I’ll be exposed to new cultures and practices that will help me evolve my worldview, something that I have always found to be extremely valuable.”

Charlie Shadid: “I am majoring in Law and minoring in Classics. I have always been interested in the study of law and the legal system, and I believe that studying abroad can provide me with invaluable experiences and insights that will enhance my education and career goals. The courses I will be taking are RELI 280 and HNRS 203H. There are several reasons why I chose to minor in Classics. First and foremost, I am fascinated by the ancient civilizations of Greece and Rome, and studying their religions and cultures will give me a deeper understanding of their legal systems and the foundations of modern Western law. The opportunity to explore the biblical texts and their historical context in the cradle of Western religion is also incredibly appealing to me, as I believe that understanding the religious and cultural influences on the development of law is crucial to becoming a well-rounded and effective lawyer.”

Emily Wright:  "As a Journalism and Religious Studies double major with a minor in American Sign Language, I am looking forward to exploring Greek and Roman religion, in Orvieto, Italy this summer, as it compliments my current undergraduate honors thesis in Dianic Wicca. By learning more about Goddess worship within the Greek and Roman religious traditions that inspired this particular sect of neo-paganism, I can approach my thesis from a global perspective. I look forward to exploring local forms of modern witchcraft while being culturally immersed in Italy and learning how the Old Religion of Europe has translated into modern Wiccan practice. Religion is embedded in so much of our everyday lives, whether we know it or not; I seek to uncover the parts we overlook. I am eternally grateful for the Religious Studies and Classics departments for supporting students like me, eager to enlarge their academic experience abroad!"