Classics Travel Grant Awardees - Arizona in Italy

March 30th, 2017

Classics at the University of Arizona is pleased to provide Travel Grants to students participating in Arizona in Italy in Summer 2017. With revenues generated from study abroad in Orvieto the previous year, in 2017 Classics has been able to provide 5 students with need-based Travel Grants ranging from $1,000 to $5,000 to participate in Arizona in Italy this summer. Students did not need to be majors to apply, but only needed to enroll in one course offered by Classics Professor Courtney Friesen, the faculty member representing the Department of Religious and Classics in Orvieto in Summer 2017.

The 2017 Classics Travel Grant Awardees are Alexis Clark, Mariah Latimer, Blayne Roach, Elizabeth Quinlan, and Chelsea Vick.

Alexis Clark writes:

“I believe it is extremely important for all university students to study abroad because it takes them out of their comfort zone and exposes them to what the world has to offer. There are so many rich cultures and languages across the globe, each with a unique offering to every individual who travels. Receiving this travel grant is such an amazing honor because it will allow me the chance to travel outside the United States and study one of my passions in an entirely new environment. It has made me realize that absolutely anyone can study abroad if they have the dedication to seek out support and seize the opportunity.”


Mariah Latimer writes:

“I'm personally motivated to study abroad because I believe that it is impossible to change the world without first understanding it. If you don't travel and experience other cultures in order to make an effort to understand the people who inhabit this world, you can't be expected to make a global impact.”



Blayne Roach writes:

“I believe that studying abroad for me will help me understand and experience a large range of cultures, traditions and religions to better my knowledge of the world. I believe that all students should have a chance to experience other parts of the globe to not only make them a well-rounded individual but also to see how other people experience life and what is similar and different in their day-to-day traditions.”



Elizabeth Quinlan writes:

“This travel grant means that I will be able to take a life-changing journey to a new place that I couldn't otherwise. No student should ever be deterred from traveling to a new place just because of financial need, and this grant is a testament to this idea of giving each student an equal opportunity to explore new horizons without having to worry about how expensive the plane ticket is going to be, or housing or anything else! Without this grant and other financial assistance, I could never dream of having this opportunity!”


Chelsea Vick writes:

“Arizona in Italy gives students a chance to see and take in as much as possible during their time in Italy. I am most excited for the full-day excursions to Rome and Florence. Being able to go to these places I have heard so much about is going to be an incredible experience. I was able to go through some of the photos on the Arizona in Italy page, and they really helped give me an insight as to what we will be doing. Everything looks very hands-on, from cooking to sightseeing, which is something I am looking forward to with this program. Getting this travel grant means the world to me. Without the help I am receiving, this trip would not be possible. Studying abroad will be an experience I will never forget, and I am beyond grateful I was given the opportunity to receive this grant.”

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