Classics Major receives SILLC Global Award for Study Abroad

March 8th, 2019

Arica Hanson, a Classics major, has been named a recipient of the competitive SILLC Global Award. She will use the funds to study Classics in Italy this summer through the Arizona in Orvieto program.  Arica is also the president of UA’s chapter of Eta Sigma Phi (Classics Honors Society), and she is studying both classical Greek and Latin.

Arica says " As a Classics major, I find that studying complex and beautiful ancient languages develops my character and improves my ability to reason, problem-solve, and empathize across cultures. While in Orvieto, I will continue to master Latin and Ancient Greek, and I will engage firsthand with the texts, art, and architecture that has played such a significant role in the development of the modern world. My experience of reading and analyzing stunning works of Latin poetry and prose has demonstrated the incredible beauty and power of language, underscored the rich literary heritage of ancient Rome, and inspired me to strive in my pursuit of the classics. The opportunity to be a part of the very landscape of Italy that figures so prominently in the works that inspire me, to read inscriptions and graffiti in situ, and to engage in the study of health and medicine in classical antiquity will bring me further closer to ancient culture and inspire my Honors thesis. In Orvieto, I will experience new things and build new friendships that will propel me toward success in graduate school."  

 The SILLC Global Award accepts applications at the beginning of every spring semester from students majoring in one or more of the following SILLC disciplines: Africana Studies, Classics, East Asian Studies, French and Francophone Studies, German Studies, Italian Studies, Religious Studies, and Russian and Slavic Studies.