Classics Graduate Students to Present at CAMWS

April 6th, 2017

Six Graduate Students from U of A Classics will present at CAMWS in Kitchener, Ontario (University of Waterloo) April 6-8, 2017. CAMWS (Classical Association of the Middle, West, and South) is one of the premier professional organizations in the field of Classical Studies.  A draft of the full program for the 2017 meeting can be found here:

Defining a Dynasty: Consolidation of Power in Ptolemaic Egypt

            Amber Kearns (1st year)

Parsing the Mountain: Significance of Mountain Landscapes in the Homeric Hymns

            Collin Moat (1st year)

Sports Illustrated:  Sports in Minoan Civilization as Further Evidence for Warfare

            Lauren Oberlin (1st year)

Memory and Monumentality:  “Ritual Tumuli” and the Early Helladic Tradition

            Buck Roberson (1st year)

The Amphorae Typology of the Villa del Vergigno:  Trade, Production, and Adaptation in Northern Etruria

            William Ramundt (2nd year)

Etruscan Shieldmaidens:  Evidence for Warrior Women in Archaic Italy

            Megan Esparsa (1st year)