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Spring 2020

CLAS 338 – Introduction to Roman Art and Archaeology
  • Cross Listed
  • Honors Contract
  • This course provides an overview of the culture of ancient Rome beginning about 1000 BCE and ending with the so-called "Fall of Rome". It looks at some of the key people who played a role in Rome, from the time of the kings through the Roman Republic and the Roman Empire. It will also focus on the city of Rome itself, as well as Rome's expansion through Italy, the Mediterranean, and beyond.

    Section 001
    Days MoWeFr
    Location Modern Languages, Rm 413
    Time 9:00 AM - 9:50 AM
    Instructor Howard Soren
    Date Jan 15 - May 6
    Status Open
    Enrollment 33 / 40
    • Days: MoWeFr
    • Location: Modern Languages, Rm 413
    • Time: 9:00 AM
    • Dates: Jan 15 - May 6
    • Status: Open
    • Enrollment: 33 / 40