CLAS 329 - Art History of the Cinema

This course is based on research and practices about art, film, and popular culture in France, England, Germany, and particularly in America. The learning activities inspire students to critically analyzing and incorporating past and current art perspectives in the arts and their influence on cinema. It is expected that students demonstrate skillful analysis and the latter description of theoretical and pragmatic solutions related to ideologies, art movements, and technology involved with the development of cinematography, through learning about different cultures, including ancient Greece and Rome, as well as America, France, and Germany over the centuries.

Also Offered As
ARH 329, ART 329, ARH 329, ART 329, ARH 329, ART 329, ARH 329, ART 329
Grade Basis
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General Ed (Begins 2022)
General Ed-Tiers (Before 2022)
General Education
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