CLAS 201 - Contexts for Studying Classical Reception Abroad

A survey of history, geography and culture designed to provide a thorough grounding for students studying Classics and Classical Receptions as part of study abroad programs. In this course, we will develop a foundation for your study abroad experience by helping you develop a thorough sense of the historical and cultural context in which the works of art, architecture, and literature you will encounter, as well as the museums, buildings, and archaeological sites you will visit, were created. Because the logistics of a study abroad program often mean visiting sites out of historical or chronological order, this course will help you construct a mental framework into which you may place the disparate items you will consider in your program. Classics study abroad programs require students like you to grapple with material in multiple disciplines (Archaeology, Architecture, History, Art History, Literature, Religious Studies) simultaneously, and this basic grounding in the most important periods, figures, movements, discoveries, and ideas relevant to your study abroad program will be a foundation that will allow you to connect these interwoven threads. While we will only be able to provide a brief introduction to these periods and ideas in this course, you will develop both a general sense of the shape of the relevant cultural history as well as a robust set of illustrative examples and figures.

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