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Thinking about studying Classics at the University of Arizona? You should be!

Classics is an engaging, interdisciplinary major, which provides you with the skills you need to pursue lots of great and well-paying careers, and is great preparation for pre-professional programs such as law school and medical school.

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    • Classics also makes a great double major, either with similar majors like Religious Studies, History or World Literature, or in complementary subjects like the Sciences. You can choose an emphasis that puts more stress on the languages and literature, or one that focuses instead on the culture more broadly.
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    • If it's too late to fit a major into your degree plan, consider a minor! We have options both in Classical civilization and in the ancient languages, as well as in New Testament Language and Literature!
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    • Our dynamic faculty members love teaching. Most of our classes feature small class sizes and personalized attention so you can make the most of your time, energy and tuition!
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If you're ready to declare your major or minor, go ahead and do so! If you'd rather speak with an advisor first, contact our faculty advisor, who will be happy to help you figure out how Classics fits into your degree and your future.

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