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CLAS 116B - Word Roots: Science and Medical Technology
This course will focus on the history and structure of words including the use of Greek and Latin roots in the formation of technical terms in medicine and the sciences. Elements of word formation (prefixes, suffixes, and bases) will be intensively studied so that the words can by systematically analyzed and broken down into their component parts. Excellent preparation for standardized tests such...
CLAS 160B1/TRAD 102 - In the Beginning - Roots of Western Culture
The roots of “western” tradition(s) are often traced to the Classical Greeks. However, by the time that work on the Parthenon had begun, the peoples of the Near East and Northeastern Africa had already witnessed the rise and fall of a series of great civilizations for over ten thousand years. In fact, many of the elements of "classical" civilization can be traced to experiments made in this...
CLAS 160D2/TRAD 104 - Classical Mythology
Topics in Culture and Civilization - The myths, legends and folklore of the Greeks and their origins. All readings in English
CLAS 160D3 - Critical Concepts in Culture
This course examines different concepts critical to the shaping of primarily “Western” culture(s), with a glance at similar concepts in “non-Western” cultures. The course addresses the complex relationships between material, literary, and cultural remains. Topics may include crime and punishment in the ancient world; healers and holy men in antiquity; city and country life; the place of religion...
CLAS 199/199H, 299/299H, 399/399H, 499/499H, 599 - Independent Study
See the Department of Classics Independent Study Proposal Form
CLAS 221 - Classical Tradition II
Surveys western civilization from the Greco-Roman perspective, covering the classical tradition from the Middle Ages to the present. MWF 2-2:50 (Waddell)
CLAS 250B - Latin Literature in Translation: History of Latin Literature
Historical survey of the major authors and works of ancient Greece and Rome: Roman literature of the Republican period and the early Empire. TTh 12:30-1:45 (Kennedy)
CLAS 260 - Ancient Philosophy
Survey of Greek philosophy, from the pre-Socratic philosophers through Plato and Aristotle to post-Aristotelian philosophers. TTh 11-12:15 (Annas)
CLAS 305 - Greek and Roman Religion
Religious beliefs and cult practices in ancient Greece and Rome. All readings in English. MWF 1-1:50 (Teske)
CLAS 313 - Health and Medicine in Classical Antiquity
The course examines the mythology and practice of medicine in Greek and Roman times from Asclepius to Hippocrates and Galen, medical instruments and procedures, the religious manifestation of healing in Greek and Roman sanctuaries, the votive dedications by patients and cured, midwifery and child care, public hygiene and diseases. The topics cover a large spectrum of the medical practice and...
CLAS 329 - Art History of the Cinema: an Overview of Art Historical Movements and their Effect on the Movies
Survey of major artistic movements, including academicism, expressionism, cubism, and surrealism, and their influence on film in Germany, Italy, America, and France. TTh 9:30-10:45 (Soren)
CLAS 335 - The Roman Empire: Rulers and Ruled
Topics in multiculturalism: transformation of the Roman Empire by diverse individuals and peoples all over the Mediterranean basin; centered on the second century C.E. TTh 3:30-4:45 (Teske)
CLAS 340B - Introduction to Classical Art & Archaeology: a Survey of Ancient Roman and Etruscan Art, Archaeology and Culture from 1000 BCE to the Fall of the Roman Empire
An archaeological history of Italy through the study of major excavations and monuments, with emphasis on cultural developments and relationships. MWF 9-9:50 (Soren)
CLAS 351 - Ancient Roman Drama
Close reading and analysis of select comedies and tragedies of Plautus, Terence, and Seneca. TTh 11-12:15 (Christenson)
CLAS 353 - Roman Epic
Critical reading and analysis of at least two major Roman epics in translation. MWF 12-12:50 (Waddell)
CLAS 404B - History of Rome: the Empire through the Reign of Constantine the Great
The Empire through the reign of Constantine the Great. TTh 9:30-10:45 (Futrell)
CLAS 430 - Ancient Greek Technology
Technology and its applications of the ancient Greek civilization from Prehistoric to Hellenistic times. TTh 11-12:15 (Hasaki)
CLAS 443B - Archaeology of Neolithic and Bronze Greece
History, art and culture of prehistoric Greece through the study of archaeological excavation and artifacts emphasizing the Mycenaean culture of the Greek mainland. TTh 11-12:15 (Schon)
CLAS 462 - Classical and Controversial: Critical Debates in Classical Antiquity
This course aims to introduce students to on-going issues and debates central to the study of the classical cultures in the Mediterranean world, that are far from resolved. Instead of focusing on certain periods or certain media, the students will be able to evaluate scholarly arguments on Classical material culture, including but not limited to discussions of style, technological choices,...
CLAS 464 - Archaeology of Greek Religion and Ritual:
This class explores the archaeological evidence for ritual and religion in the Greek world from the Neolithic through the Classical periods. We discuss how to identify various sacred sites and artifacts, and how to interpret evidence we believe may be from a religious context. TTh 3:30-4:45 (Voyatzis)
CLAS 474 - Archaeometry: Scientific Methods in Art and Archaeology
Critical survey of scientific methods used in archaeology and art history. Emphasis on the potential and limitations of these techniques for reconstructing human behavior. MWF 2-2:50 (Killick)
CLAS 477 - Greek Architecture
A survey of the architecture and architects of Greece from the Bronze Age through the Hellenistic period including such sites as Mycenae, Pylos, Delphi, Athens and Corinth. TTh 12:30-1:45 (Voyatzis)
GRK 102 - Elementary Classical Greek II
Second semester Greek. MTWTh 1-1:50 (Groves)
GRK 199/199H, 299/299H, 399/399H, 499/499H, 599 - Independent Study
See the Department of Classics Independent Study Proposal Form
GRK 202 - Intermediate Classical Greek II
Selections from classical Greek poetry. MTWTh 2-2:50 (Kennedy)
GRK 439 - Readings in Ancient Greek Orators
Critical reading in ancient Greek with social, historical and interpretive analysis of the works of Demosthenes and other major fourth century BCE orators. MW 2-3:15 (Groves)
LAT 102 - Elementary Latin II
A second semester introduction to the basic morphology, syntax and vocabulary of Latin through reading and composition. [001 MTWTh 9-9:50 (Munoz), 002 MTWTh 10-10:50 (Merrill), 003 MTWTh 11-11:50 (Pickel), 004 MTWR 1-1:50 (Perko)]
LAT 199/199H, 299/299H, 399/399H, 499/499H, 599 - Independent Study
see the Department of Classics Independent Study Proposal Form
LAT 202 - Intermediate Latin II
Review of Latin grammar with readings from the poetry of Virgil’s Aeneid. [001 MTWTh 10-10:50 (Del Curto), 002 MTWTh 1-1:50 (Hutchings)]
LAT 415 - Latin Love Elegy
Reading in the Latin texts of Ovid, Tibullus and Propertius. MW 3:30-4:45 (Skinner)
LAT 421 - Latin Literature of the Imperial Period
Readings in Latin of major authors and works produced from the second decade of the first century CE to the last decades of the second century CE. Course content may vary and may include both prose and poetry. MW 5:00-6:15 (Waddell)