Regional Latin Teaching Placement Services

American Classical League Placement Service for Latin teachers: NEED CURRENT URL

The following are regional placement services sponsored by classical associations. Resumes of applicants or referrals are provided at no cost to schools with a nominal fee for teacher applicants.

Classical Association of the Atlantic States (CAAS)

CAAS Advisory Service
Prof. Gregory A. Staley
Department of Classics
University of Maryland College
Park, MD 20742
(phone) 301-405-2016
(fax) 301-314-9084
(Associate: Dora Kennedy 301-277-9081)

Classical Association of New England (CANE)

(a) CANE Registration forms:

Prof. Richard Derosiers
Department of Classics
209A Murkland Hall
Durham, NH 03824
(phone) 602-862-3132

(b) CANE Information on positions and resumes of applicants:

Prof. Gilbert Lawall
71 Sand Hill Road
Amherst, MA 01002
(fax) 413-549-6601

Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest (CAPN)

CAPN Latin Teacher Placement Service:
Prof. Catherine M. Connors
CAPNDepartment of Classics
Box 353110
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195
(phone) 206-543-226
(fax) 206-543-2267