On-Campus Programs

The Homerathon

Since spring 2011, students and facutly collaborate annually to read one of Homer's epics aloud in English.  Performances take place on the UA mall for a full day, usually in the spring semester, often punctuated by games, mini-lectures, or other activities.  The Iliad is usually read in odd-numbered years and the Odyssey in even-numbered years.   The chief organizers of the Homerathon are the students of Eta Sigma Phi.  Anyone can sign-up to participate in this event.  Watch our events page for more information!

The Lectio Vergiliana

Also since spring 2011, students and faculty collaborate annually to stage a reading in Latin of one book of Vergil's Aeneid.   Performances take place in the Special Collections area of the UA library, surrounded by facsimiles of medieval manuscripts of the Aeneid, and are usually held in the morning and early afternoon of a day in the spring semester. The book to be read is chosen annually by the Latin Graduate Teaching Assistants and the students of Eta Sigma Phi.  Anyone can sign-up to participate in this event.  Watch our events page for more information!

Staging Ancient Drama

SInce Spring 2017, students are given the opportunity to participate in a staging of an ancient play.   Students enroll in a 1-credit course (CLAS 397), and are involved in the processes of selection, design, rehearsals, acting and backstage work.  The play is performed at the end of April and is free and open to the public. Watch our events page for more information!

Plays staged thus far include:

  • Euripides' Trojan Women (Spring 2017)
  • Seneca's Agamemnon (Spring 2018)

    Community Outreach

    We also participate in several great programs off-campus in the broader community! Check them out here.