Guidelines for the Master of Arts in Classics

Preliminary Remarks

Welcome to graduate studies at the University of Arizona. The Department of Classics offers a course of studies leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Classics. This degree provides graduate preparation in the languages, literatures, history, or material culture of antiquity preparatory to two career tracks. One track prepares students to enter a doctoral program in classical studies or history. A second track prepares M.A. recipients to teach on the K-12 or community college level, and provides the opportunity to gain state teaching certification in Latin. Applications for admission to the graduate program in Classics are decided upon by tenure-stream department faculty meeting as a committee of the whole in early March each year. Acceptance into the graduate program does not automatically grant permission to pursue one of the five degree emphases (i.e., classical archaeology, classical philology, ancient history, Latin pedagogy, Latin philology): permission to pursue a degree in any emphasis depends on satisfactory completion of the qualifying examinations.

When planning their programs, students should bear in mind that merely satisfying degree requirements ought not to be their primary aim. The ideal of the graduate experience was set forth in the 1999-2001 University of Arizona Graduate Catalog, p. 2: "Graduate education provides an opportunity to increase knowledge, to broaden understanding and develop research and artistic capability. The student's academic achievements, therefore, should reflect a personal commitment to the discipline and to scholarly standards." For more information and perspectives on graduate study at the UA, please see the Grad College website.