FAQs: Undergraduate Advising

Where can I find a list of the requirements for the Classics major?

All majors receive a B.A. in Classics by completing the requirements in one of three emphases:

Classical Civilization

The requirements can be found at /major-classics

Where can I find a list of the requirements for the Classical Civilization, Greek and Latin minors?

For the specific requirements, follow these links:

Classical Civilization

How do I change my major or minor to Classics?

Meet with a Classics advisor.  

Do I need to take a Latin Placement Exam? If so, where do I take it?

If you did not take a Latin Placement Exam during Orientation, testing sessions are also held in COH Instructional Computing (M LNG 510) frequently throughout the summer and once or twice during the spring and fall semesters. To sign up for the exam through COH Advising, http://advising.humanities.arizona.edu.

How do I apply for degree candidacy?

How do I begin my Senior Degree Check?

To begin the Senior Degree Check process, contact COH Graduation Services Advisor Rachel Hamm (621-3292; rhamm@email.arizona.edu). Office hours are held in 239 Education Building MWTH 9am-Noon  and 1:30-4:00pm; Tuesdays from 1-4pm. You will also need to meet with an advisor in College of Humanities Advising Services before meeting with a Classics advisor.                                  

Can I use a course for both my General Education requirements and my Classics major or minor?

Greek 201-202 (= GRK 212) and Latin 201-202 (= LAT 212) can be used to satisfy both the General Education Second Language Requirement and Classics major and minor requirements. For other cases where "double-dipping" involving General Education courses is allowed, click here. For all UA General Education Policies, click here.

Can I receive Honors credits for any courses taught by the Classics Department?]

Honors students may arrange to earn Honors credits in departmental course offerings by signing an Honors Contract.

Do I need to take a Senior Capstone course for my Classics Major?

No, the Senior Capstone courses (CLAS 498, GRK 498, LAT 498) are not required.

If I can't fit a course that's required for my Classics major into my schedule, can I take it as an Independent Study?

No, regularly offered courses cannot be duplicated by Independent Study Courses. For all the UA policies on Individual Studies Courses, click here. If you are planning to graduate and cannot get into a required class, see a Classics advisor

How do I satisfy my Mid-Career Writing Assessment (MCWA) requirement?

For the general UA academic policies pertaining to MWCA, click here. For Classics majors who did not earn an "A" or "B" in English 102, 108, 104 or 109, see the requirements for your major Emphasis.

I'm considering a study abroad program not sponsored by the UA. How do I know if my credits will transfer?

UA direct credit courses are offered by study abroad programs sponsored by UA departments. The credits you earn in these programs will count toward your GPA and appear on your final transcript as any other UA course does. Courses taken in study abroad programs not sponsored by the UA may transfer as credits do when taken at the institution sponsoring these programs: contact the UA Office of Study Abroad and Student Exchange regarding your options. You can also apply for Transfer Credit Preapproval before attending an institution in a foreign country.

What can I do if transfer credits are not showing up on my transcript?

Consult the UA policies on the Acceptability of Undergraduate Transfer Credit.

Where can I get information about earning teaching certification in Latin?

For information, click here or contact the Director of the Basic Latin Program.

If I major in Classics and also choose a minor offered by the Classics Department, can I count a course for both the major and the minor?

Classics does not permit the double use of courses in one of our majors (Classical Civilization, Greek, Latin Emphases) with another major (within COH or outside the college), nor the double use of courses in one of our minors (Classics, Greek Latin) with any major or second minor. For university-wide policies on "double-dipping," click here.

How do I check to see if I've completed my General Education requirements?

How do I drop or add a course?

For university drop-add procedures, click here.

What opportunities for study abroad are sponsored by the Department of Classics?

For descriptions of the Department of Classic's study abroad programs and spring & summer tours abroad, click here.

What GPA do I need to maintain in my major?

The university requires a minimum 2.0 GPA for all course work done in the major. For the full GPA policy, click here.

What scholarships and prizes are sponsored by the Department of Classics and the College of Humanities?

For departmental awards, click here; for COH scholarships, click here.

How do I declare an Interdisciplinary Major or Minor?

For full information on a program of study in Interdisciplinary Studies that involves three subject areas, http://clas.arizona.edu/gls/about

How do I declare a Thematic Minor?

For the Thematic Minor consisting of courses in two or more disciplines, click here.

 I left the university and want to return to finish my degree. Where do I start?

You'll first need to reapply for admission to the university. Once you've been readmitted, meet with a Classics advisor to discuss your remaining degree requirements.

I'm interested in graduate school in Classics. How can I get more information about this?

Speak with an advisor or another Department of Classics faculty member about your plans.

What is an Independent Study and how do I propose doing one?

For information on Independent Study, click here.