Appendix O: Check List for Submitting Final Paper

Please attach this check-list to the front of the paper

  1. Outline at the beginning of paper (counts toward total page numbers)
  2. Page numbers
  3. Subsection titles (flush left, bold, double space)
  4. Figures and their captions (e.g., "Fig. 1. Depiction of olive press. After Jones 1980, fig. 12")
  5. Substantiation of all assertions with accurate citation of primary source or reference to secondary source
  6. Quotations from ancient or modern text checked against the original for accuracy
  7. Translations of all Greek and Latin passages supplied and checked for accuracy
  8. Accurate reference to on-line sources, using MLA or Hesperia system
  9. Format of citations consistent, following departmental style sheet
  10. Format of references to secondary sources consistent following departmental style sheet
  11. Format of Works Cited consistent, following departmental style sheet
  12. Check that all secondary sources cited in the text are listed in the Bibliography or on the Works Cited page
  13. Run computerized spelling check and grammar check
  14. Proofread once more for accuracy
  15. Do not check off each of the items on this check list until after you have actually completed them.