Appendix K: Application for the M.A. Program in Classics (for Ph.D. students in other departments)

Philology Emphasis
In the spaces below, specify the semester and year you plan to have completed each requirement for the M.A. in Classics.

NAME: _____________________ SID#: _____________________

PH.D. DEPARTMENT: _____________________

  1. Language and Literature Requirement: 24 credit hours
    Four Greek Courses Four Latin Courses
    (GRK 500-589): (LAT 500-589):
    a. _____________________ a. _____________________
    b. _____________________ b. _____________________
    c. _____________________ c. _____________________
    d. _____________________ d. _____________________
  2. Other Requirements: 9 credit hours:
    a. _____________________ c. _____________________
    CLAS 510A GRK/LAT 910
    b. ____________________
  3. Modern Language Requirement: _____________________
  4. Qualifying Examination (Latin and Greek): ___________________
  5. Comprehensive Examination: ___________________
  6. M.A. Thesis: _____________________ (at least one semester before the Ph.D. is granted)

The student must exit the Ph.D.-granting department for one regular semester (Fall or Spring) and change registration to the Classics Department. This will occur during the semester in which the degree requirements for the M.A. (Classics) are completed. The student will then re-enter the Ph.D.-granting department. The change of registration will ______/will not ______ affect either the student's standing in or possible funding (as GAT, etc.) from the Ph.D.-granting department.

_____________________________________ _________________________ _____

Graduate Advisor, Ph.D.-granting Department Head, Ph.D.-granting Department Date


The above program has been submitted to the Classics faculty and is______/is not _______ approved.

_________________________ __________

Head, Classics Department Date