Expected Length of Program

The M.A. in Classics is designed to be completed in two years. Students who matriculate with deficiencies or who for other reasons believe that they may require more than two years to complete the degree must petition to do so at the beginning of their fourth semester of residence, if they wish to be considered for any form of funding from the department for a third year of study. The petition should concisely (i.e., in no more than 2 pages) state the rationale for a third year of study with funding, should be addressed to the faculty of the Department of Classics, and must be delivered to the Director of Graduate Studies by the end of the first week of the fourth semester of residence.

Matriculation Interview and Annual Faculty Review

At the beginning of the fall semester, every incoming graduate student will meet formally with the Classics Department faculty for a matriculation interview. Similarly, every continuing graduate student must meet with the faculty at the beginning of the fall semester for an annual review of his or her progress.

Degree Requirements and Worksheet

All students admitted to the M.A. program should use the worksheet provided in Appendix A (Ancient History), Appendix B (Classical Archaeology), Appendix C (Classical Philology), Appendix D (Latin Pedagogy), or Appendix Q (Latin Philology) to chart their progress toward meeting the minimum credit requirement and other degree requirements listed below.

Consultation with Director of Graduate Studies

It is the responsibility of each student to meet regularly with the Director of Graduate Studies to maintain accurate, up-to-date records of progress toward the degree.

As a minimum obligation, students must make an appointment for a conference with the Director of Graduate Studies at least once a semester before registering for any courses in the following semester. During this pre-registration conference, the student's progress will be analyzed and the student will be informed of any impediments or deficiencies. For departmental policy regarding grades of I ("Incomplete"), see Satisfactory Academic Progress here.

M.A. Examination Sequence

The schedules for the Modern Language, Qualifying, and Comprehensive Examinations have been made as parallel as possible for students in all five emphases; see further the individual sections for each emphasis below.

M.A. Emphasis

All students must spend the first semester after matriculation enrolled in the emphasis under which they applied to the program. No later than the second week of the second semester of enrollment, a student who desires to change emphasis must present a formal petition to the Director of Graduate Studies. The DGS will circulate that petition to the entire faculty, who will vote to accept or reject it. The DGS will then communicate the decision to the student.

In the petition, the student must demonstrate that this change in emphasis will not delay his or her completion of the program by providing a detailed timetable of how s/he will complete requirements under the new emphasis in timely fashion.