University of Arizona

David Christenson


Department of Classics
Learning Services Building, #203
1512 E. First St.
PO Box 210105
Tucson, AZ 85721-0105

On Sabbatical, 2015-16

OFFICE: Modern Languages Building 326
Telephone: 520-621-5326
Fax: 520-621-3678


Ph.D. Classical Philology, Harvard University
M.A. Classics, University of California at Santa Barbara
A.B. English Language and Literature, University of Michigan

Areas of Expertise

  • Ancient Theater
  • Late Republican and Early Imperial Literature and Culture
  • Women and Gender in Antiquity
  • Latin Pedagogy
  • Translation Studies

Recent Awards

  • 2013: University of Arizona Graduate College Graduate Education Teaching and Mentoring Award
  • 2012: University of Arizona Graduate and Professional Student Council Outstanding Mentor of Graduate Students
  • 2011-12: Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship
  • 2008: University of Arizona College of Humanities Humanities Seminars Program Superior Teaching Award
  • 2006: University of Arizona Graduate and Professional Student Council Graduate Student Advisor of the Year


Selected Refereed Articles, Chapters, Notes, Encyclopedia Entries, and Book Reviews

  • "The Reception of Early Roman Comedy in Satire," in Comic Receptions: Plautus and Terence in Late Republican and Imperial Rome, ed. E. Karakasis. Walter de Gruyter Trends in Classics Supplementary Volume, forthcoming (2017). 
  • "Plautus' Dramatic Priorities," in Blackwell's Companion to Plautus, eds. D. Dutsch and G.F. Franko. Blackwell-Wiley Publishing, forthcoming (2016).  
  • "All's Well That Ends Well? Old Fools, Morality, and Plautine Epilogues," in Roman Drama and its Contexts, eds. S. Frangoulidis, S. Harrison and G. Manuwald. Walter de Gruyter Trends in Classics Supplementary Volume 34, forthcoming (2016): 215-229. 
  • "Metatheatre," in The Cambridge Companion to Roman Comedy, ed. M. Dinter. Cambridge University Press, forthcoming (2016).
  • Review of A. Petrides, Menander, New Comedy and the Visual (CUP), Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2015.12.10
  • Review of M. Beard, Laughter in Ancient Rome (UC Press), Classical Philology 110 (2015): 388-91. 
  • "A Roman Thesaurus: Religion, Marriage, Metatheater, and Concord in Aulularia," in Plautine Trends: Studies in Plautine Comedy and its Reception, Festschrift in Honor of Professor Dimitrios Raios, eds. I.N. Perysinakis and E. Karakasis. Walter de Gruyter Trends in Classics Supplementary Volume 29 (2014): 13-42. 
  • "Ancient Roman Comedy," and "Plautus," in The Encyclopedia of Humor Studies, Gen. ed. S. Attardo. Sage Publications (2014): 1.35-39, 2.575-77.
  • "Eunuchus," in Blackwell's Companion to Terence, eds. A. Augoustakis and A. Traill. Blackwell-Wiley Publishing (2013): 262-80. [reviews: The Classical Journal (2014); Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2015.05.15]. 
  • "Unbearding Morality: Appearance and Persuasion in Pro Caelio," Classical Journal 100 (2004): 61-72.
  • "Superbia in Vergil's Aeneid: Who's Haughty and Who's Not?," Scholia 11 (2002): 44-54.
  • "Grotesque Realism in Plautus' Amphitruo," Classical Journal 96 (2001): 243-60.
  • "Callinus and militia amoris in Achilles Tatius' Leucippe and Cleitophon," Classical Quarterly n.s. 50 (2000): 631-2. 

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