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David Christenson


Department of Classics
Learning Services Building, #203
1512 E. First St.
PO Box 210105
Tucson, AZ 85721-0105

On Sabbatical, 2015-16

OFFICE: Modern Languages Building 326
Telephone: 520-621-5326
Fax: 520-621-3678


Ph.D. Classical Philology, Harvard University
M.A. Classics, University of California at Santa Barbara
A.B. English Language and Literature, University of Michigan

Areas of Expertise

  • Ancient Theater
  • Late Republican and Early Imperial Literature and Culture
  • Women and Gender in Antiquity
  • Latin Pedagogy

Recent Awards

  • 2013: University of Arizona Graduate College Graduate Education Teaching and Mentoring Award
  • 2012: University of Arizona Graduate and Professional Student Council Outstanding Mentor of Graduate Students
  • 2011-12: Loeb Classical Library Foundation Fellowship
  • 2008: University of Arizona College of Humanities Humanities Seminars Program Superior Teaching Award
  • 2006: University of Arizona Graduate and Professional Student Council Graduate Student Advisor of the Year


Selected Refereed Articles, Chapters, Notes, Encyclopedia Entries, and Book Reviews

  • "Plautus' Dramatic Priorities," in Blackwell's Companion to Plautus, eds. D. Dutsch and G.F. Franko. Blackwell-Wiley Publishing, forthcoming (2016).  
  • "All's Well That Ends Well? Old Fools, Morality, and Plautine Epilogues," in Proceedings of the 8th Trends in Classics International Conference on Roman Drama and its Contexts (29 May-1 June, 2014; Thessaloniki, Greece), eds. F. Montanari and A. Rengakos. Walter de Gruyter Trends in Classics Supplementary Volume, forthcoming (2015). 
  • Review of M. Beard, Laughter in Ancient Rome (UC Press), Classical Philology (forthcoming, 2015). 
  • "Metatheatre," in The Cambridge Companion to Roman Comedy, ed. M. Dinter. Cambridge University Press, forthcoming (2015).
  • "A Roman Thesaurus: Religion, Marriage, Metatheater, and Concord in Aulularia," in Plautine Trends: Studies in Plautine Comedy and its Reception, Festschrift in Honor of Professor Dimitrios Raios, eds. I.N. Perysinakis and E. Karakasis. Walter de Gruyter Trends in Classics Supplementary Volume 29 (2014): 13-42. 
  • Review of S. Goldberg, Terence, Hecyra (CUP), Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2014.12.34.
  • "Ancient Roman Comedy," and "Plautus," in The Encyclopedia of Humor Studies, Gen. ed. S. Attardo. Sage Publications (2014): 1.35-39, 2.575-77.
  • "Eunuchus," in Blackwell's Companion to Terence, eds. A. Augoustakis and A. Traill. Blackwell-Wiley Publishing (2013): 262-80. [reviews: The Classical Journal (2014); Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2015.05.15]. 
  • "Unbearding Morality: Appearance and Persuasion in Pro Caelio," Classical Journal 100 (2004): 61-72.
  • "Superbia in Vergil's Aeneid: Who's Haughty and Who's Not?," Scholia 11 (2002): 44-54.
  • "Grotesque Realism in Plautus' Amphitruo," Classical Journal 96 (2001): 243-60.
  • "Callinus and militia amoris in Achilles Tatius' Leucippe and Cleitophon," Classical Quarterly n.s. 50 (2000): 631-2. 

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