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The Modern Greek Program at The University of Arizona

Department of Classics
Learning Services Building 203
1512 E. First St.
PO Box 210105
Tucson, AZ 85721-0105
Telephone: 520-621-1689
Fax: 520-621-3678

*Specific information about Spring 2015 courses in Modern Greek can be found here.*

Contacts: Mr. Rip Economou
Dr. Eleni Hasaki
Dr. Mary Voyatzis

Course Offerings in Modern Greek Language and Literature

  1. Modern Greek 103: Modern Greek language for beginners (fall semesters).
  2. Modern Greek 104: Elementary Modern Greek continued (spring semesters).
  3. Modern Greek 203: Intermediate Modern Greek (fall semesters).
  4. Modern Greek 204: Intermediate Modern Greek continued (spring semesters).
  5. Independent Study: Greek 399, 499, and 599: options:
    • Advanced Modern Greek language
    • Modern Greek literature in the original (focus on poetry, prose, myth)
    • Other language-specific or historical projects and special topics

Academic Lectures and Outreach Activities

Students and faculty in the Modern Greek Program and interested community members have benefited greatly from lectures sponsored by the University Seminars Program of the Alexander S. Onassis Public Benefit Foundation (USA). The Modern Greek Program invites other lecturers and guest-speakers to present topics in Greek language, literature, history, politics, and society to the academic and local community. We would be glad to hear of scholars or authors traveling to Arizona for whom we could (co)sponsor a lecture or seminar.

Strengthening the Department's liaison with the Greek community of Tucson, faculty members and students actively participate in activities organized by the local Hellenic Cultural Foundation (HCF). This Foundation was instrumental in formally establishing the Modern Greek Program at the University of Arizona in 1984. In recent years, the HCF has continued to support the program in a variety of ways, most notably by offering annual scholarships to promote excellence in the study of Greek language and culture (both ancient and modern). Scholarships are available to students enrolled in the Modern Greek Program or majoring in Ancient Greek Language or Civilization.

Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek

In 2010, the Department of Classics at the University of Arizona established an Examination Center for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek. Candidates must be 8 or older to sit for the examination, which is administered worldwide through the University of Thessaloniki and the Centre of Greek Language on behalf of the Greek Ministry of Education.

The Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek

  • offers a standardized assessment of proficiency
  • satisfies proficiency requirements for the practice of various professions in Greece
  • allows foreigners who do not possess a Greek secondary education certificate (P.D. 138/9-7-99) to register at a Greek institution of higher education and to be in a Greek civil service position



CONTACT: Please get in touch with Mr. Rip Economou for the application form and to determine your examination level.

FORMAT: The four-exam examination texts written and oral skills in seven levels:

(A1) for children (8-12 years old)
(A1) for teenagers and adults


Level A1: TBA
Levels A2-B1: TBA
Levels B2-C2: TBA


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