University of Arizona

Latin Emphasis

Degree Requirements

32 units in Latin and Classics, including:

  • Latin 201-202 or Latin 212;
  • Classics 250A-B;
  • 12 upper-division units in Latin;
  • 6 additional units: any Latin 4xx, Greek and/or Classics courses.

Every undergraduate degree program requires satisfaction of the Mid-Career Writing Assessment (MCWA).

N.B.: University policy does not allow courses offered for Tier 1 General Education credit to be applied to any major or minor.

CLASSICS Department options for students who do not earn an "A" or "B" in English 102, 108, 104 or 109. In order to assure that students are adequately prepared for the required Writing Emphasis course in the major, the Department of CLASSICS requires that students earning less than a "B" in English 102, 108, 104 or 109 must do one of the following: receive a "C" or higher in CLASSICS 250A or CLASSICS 250B, which will be taught by tenure-stream faculty whenever practicable. Students who do not receive a "C" or higher in CLASSICS 250A or CLASSICS 250B must attend workshops and tutorial support through the Writing Skills Improvement Program or attend workshops and peer consultations through the Writing Center. In addition, students either must enroll in a two-unit Independent Study (CLASSICS 2xx) with the professor who taught the relevant 250a or 250b course (when practicable) and write a total of 10 pages (which may be either a single paper or several shorter papers) for a grade of "C" or higher, or GRO CLASSICS 250A or CLASSICS 250B for a grade of "C" or higher.

Undergraduate Advising