Graduate Student Colloquium

The Department of Classics Graduate Student Colloquium was inaugurated in the spring of 2000 when Christopher Trinacty presented a chapter of his M.A. thesis ("A Poetics of Desire: a Comparative Literary Study of the Hylas Myth"). All departmental graduate students are invited to make a presentation (15-20 mins.) on some aspect of their M.A. theses, or if they are delivering a paper at a scholarly conference. The atmosphere of the Colloquium is informal, congenial, and collegial, and those attending may bring their lunch. All Spring 2017 colloquia will take place in LSB 246, unless otherwise indicated below.


Friday, March 3
1:00: Next to Normal: An Interior OresteiaDr. Groves
1:20: The Mycenaean Kylix at Mt. Lykaion: An Investigation into the Late Helladic Vessel’s Appearance at the Ash Altar of Zeus. Stephen Czujko
1:40: Parsing the Mountain: Significance of Mountain Landscapes in the Homeric HymnsCollin J. Moat


2:20: Memory and Monumentality: “Ritual Tumuli” and the Early Helladic TransitionDavid B. Roberson
2:40: The Amphorae Typology of the Villa del Vergigno: Trade, Production, and Adaptation in Northern EtruriaWilliam H. Ramundt
3:00: Etruscan Shieldmaidens: Evidence for Warrior Women in Archaic ItalyMegan Esparsa

Friday, March 10 
1:00: Urbs ut scaena: Dramatic Space in the Historiae of TacitusDr. Waddell
1:20:  Defining a Dynasty:  Consolidation of Ptolemic Power in EgyptAmber Kearns
1:40: The Afterlife of Classical StoaTravis Hill


2:20: The House of the Good: Causes and Goodness in the PhilebusJohn Proios
2:40:  Sports Illustrated: Sports in Minoan Civilization as Further Evidence of WarfareLauren Oberlin



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