University of Arizona


John Bauschatz

John Bauschatz, Associate Professor, Ph.D., Duke University (Greek Papyrology, Law Enforcement in Antiquity)

David Christenson

David Christenson, Professor, Ph.D., Harvard University (Ancient Theater, Republican and Augustan Literature & Culture, Women in Antiquity, Latin Pedagogy)

Rip Economou

Rip Economou, Instructor, M.A. (Classics), New York University, M.A. (English and Comparative Literature), Michigan State University (Modern Greek Pedagogy)

Robert Groves

Robert Groves, Visiting Assistant Professor, Ph.D, University of California at Los Angeles (Greek and Latin literature (especially the Greek novel), ancient multilingualism (as represented in literary texts and documentary sources), Greco-Roman geography and ethnography and their renaissance reception)

Eleni Hasaki

Eleni Hasaki, Associate Professor; Honors' Professor; Director, Arizona in the Aegean Study Abroad Program; Co-Director, Laboratory for Traditional Technology, Ph.D., University of Cincinnati (Mediterranean Pottery Technology, Experimental Archaeology, Ethnoarchaeology; Craft Technologies and Apprenticeship in Classical Antiquity; Economics of Space in Mediterranean Craft Workshops; Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology)

Alexandra Kennedy

Alexandra Kennedy, Visiting Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Washington (Augustan Literature, Roman Topography, Roman Historiography, Latin Elegy)

Robert Schon

Robert Schon, Assistant Professor, Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College (The Bronze Age, Mediterranean and Balkan Landscapes, Archaeological Survey, Power and Governance in Ancient States)

David Soren

David Soren, Regents Professor, Ph.D., Harvard University (Roman and Greek Archaeology, Art History)

Michael Teske

Michael Teske, Instructor, M.A., University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Mythology, Greek and Roman Religion, Etymology, Greek Tragedy)

Mary Voyatzis

Mary Voyatzis, Professor, Ph.D, University of London (Greek Sanctuaries, Dark Age Greece, Greek Pottery)

Philip Waddell

Philip Waddell, Visiting Assistant Professor, Ph.D., University of Missouri (Post-Augustan Literature, Greek and Latin Historiography, Greek and Roman History)

Cynthia White

Cynthia White, Professor & Director of the Basic Latin Program, Ph.D., The Catholic University of America (Augustan Poetry, Late Antique Latin Literature, Greek Patristics, Medieval Latin, Latin Pedagogy)

Emeritus Faculty

Norman Austin

Norman Austin, Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley (Homer, Greek Bronze Age, Archaic Greek Lyric Poetry and Philosophy)

Albert Leonard, Jr.

Albert Leonard, Jr., Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., The Oriental Institute, University of Chicago (Aegean Bronze Age Archaeology, Ancient Mediterranean Commerce, Art and Archaeology of Ancient Egypt)

Marilyn B. Skinner

Marilyn B. Skinner, Professor Emerita & Director of Graduate Studies, Ph.D., Stanford University (Latin Literature, Roman Culture, Women in Antiquity)

Bella Vivante

Bella Vivante, Professor Emerita, Ph.D., Stanford University (Ancient Greek Drama, Archaic Poetry, Art, Women in Antiquity, Cross Cultural Comparisons)

Richard H. Wilkinson

Richard H. Wilkinson, Regents Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Minnesota (Egyptology, Egyptian Archaeology, Ancient Egyptian Art, Culture and Religion)

Thomas Worthen

Thomas Worthen, Associate Professor Emeritus, Ph.D., University of Washington (Early Astronomic Science and Lore and Its Relation to Mythology, Ancient Greek)

Associated Faculty

Julia Annas

Julia Annas, Regents Professor of Philosophy, Ph.D., Harvard University (Ancient Greek Philosophy: Ethics, Psychology and Epistemology)

Emma Blake

Emma Blake, Associate Professor of Anthropology, Ph.D., University of Cambridge (Italy in the Bronze and Iron Ages, Colonialism and Diaspora, Archaeological Theory, Cultural Identity, Megalithic Monuments, Ceramic Analysis, Social Networks)

Alison Futrell

Alison Futrell, Associate Professor of History, Ph.D., University of California at Berkeley (Gender and Material Culture in Roman Imperial Politics, Reception of Ancient Rome in Film, Literature, and Art)

Steven Johnstone

Steven Johnstone, Professor of History, Ph.D., University of Chicago (Ancient Greek Social and Political History)

Rachana Kamtekar

Rachana Kamtekar, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Ph.D., University of Chicago (Moral Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy)

Daniel C. Russell

Daniel C. Russell, Professor, Center for the Philosophy of Freedom, and Professor of Philosophy, Ph.D., University of Arizona (Ancient Ethics and Moral Psychology; Contemporary Virtue Ethics and Virtue Theory)